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Jazz Workshop

Course Program
Our jazz workshop is aimed at musicians of all ages, from enthusiastic amateurs to professional musi-cians, who wish to improve their skills. It will focus on playing music together in a range of combina-tions, as well as in spontaneous formations and a big band format. 

In the morning participants receive instrument-specific tuition from expert teachers. In the afternoon the participants have the chance to play together in a range of combinations. These combinations will be chosen according to the musical preferences and ability of the musicians, thereby ensuring that each participant can make the most of the jazz workshop. The rest of the time is free for participants to use as they please, either for practise sessions or our legendary jam sessions. Thanks to the outstanding facilities at our disposal we will be able to play at all times of the day and night. Fun and the pure pleasure of playing music together in a group lie at the heart of the workshop.

The workshop concludes with a final concert in which participants have the opportunity to perform to a wide audience.

Course Languages
German, English

Attendance per Course
Maximal 12

Course Fee
Course Member: CHF 330.-- / € 300.--
Auditors: CHF 120.-- / € 110.— 

Closing date:
15 of June 2017