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Tango Workshop

The tango workshop will not take place this year.
Our tango workshop is geared towards music students, professional musicians and advanced amateur musicians who play string or wind instruments, guitar, bandonéon, accordion or piano.

All master classes are open to active participants and guest students. The number of active participants per class is limited; the number of guest students is not restricted.

Lecturers decide on admission as active participants after a possible audition. Active participants will receive private and/or group lessons for several hours every day. Instruction times will be arranged with the lecturers on the first day of class. Active participants must be present during the entire class. Free practice rooms are at their disposal. A final concert will be held at the end of the class.

Guest students may attend all events; however, they will not receive any lessons.

The written registration and the registration fee are to be submitted and paid in due time.

Course programme
The course repertoire includes works by, among others, Osvaldo Pugliese, Anibal Troilo, Julio De Caro, Horacio Salgan and Astor Piazolla and ranges from traditional through to contemporary tango. Course participants will receive the works to be prepared about 14 days before the course starts. Special importance will be placed on working as part of groups of different sizes and different instrumental groupings. Existing ensembles are welcome and can bring with them works they have already prepared themselves.

Course Languages
German, English, Spanish

Attendance per Course
Maximal 12

Course Fee
Course Member: CHF 350.-- / € 270.--
Auditors: CHF 150.-- / € 110.—